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• The latest available version of Jam Genius is v1.6.4, released October 28, 2011.

• Jam Genius is compatible with every iPod Touch and iPhone with OS version 3.1.

• There are currently no known issues with Jam Genius.

The Frequently Asked Questions page has answers to many common questions.

Note that Jam Genius does not produce any sound. That part is up to you. Jam Genius creates chord charts. You, your instruments, friends, and creativity provide the rest. For musical advice and assistance, see Tips on Jamming.

Jam Genius can be a great way to practice reading chord charts by yourself, and you can also practice a particular Jam before playing it with others, looking up the chords you don't know. Over time you'll learn more chords, and it will become easier and more natural to read these and other chord charts.

While a chart is showing, the device will be prevented from auto-locking, so that the screen won't go dark while you're reading. There are some things that may override this prevention of auto-lock, including receiving phone calls or text messages, calendar event notifications, and alarm clock alerts. Note that if you leave a chart showing, your device might not sleep automatically and your battery can be drained. We recommend closing the app when you're not using it. Your most recently created chart will still be there when you open the app again (unless you erase and restore your device).

If you're having technical trouble, be sure you're using iPhone/iPod Touch OS version 3.1 or later.

Personalized support is available via email: .
Feel free to attach a screenshot, JPEG or PDF of your chart(s) if applicable to your question. Emails are generally answered within 2 business days.



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